samedi 1 novembre 2008

New version of Datagrid with Footer

During the PDC 2008, microsoft updates WPF ToolKit with a new version of Datagrid

I just refresh my Footer's version today !

It seems work fine, the zip file is dowloaded here ...

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PS : Vincent Sibal give another experimental prototype with Frozen top Row :

Original source of Datagrid is not modified in this approach ! great !! I don't know if It is possible to do the same thing for Footer column .... not sure ....



This Datagrid control is experimental. I just try to know If I could add a Footer quickly. It seems is possible but I think a lot of bug exists in this prototype. It was a way for me to look inside the Datagrid and learn new concept and Design pattern for me. I advice to you to launch a Diff Process between original source of WPFToolKit and new version to understand all modification. Best Regards :-) Thibaud Bouquely, France, November 2008.

History :

• 2008/11/2 : new version on v1.0 of WPFToolKit (2008/10/27) without
I must as some ancestor class for DataGridColumnHeader-Footer and Presenter : I am sure lot of code Header/Footer (presenter or not) should be move in these ancestors, I just do the strict necessary for the prototype.
The previous version contained CurrentRow indicator In DataGrid control, With new property Datagrid.RowHeaderTemplate, I realize this indicator with special Template in my UserControl ! It is not necessary to change Datagrid Code source to do this ! Great :-)
• 2008/09/28 : First version on beta WPFToolKit (2008/08/10) with CurrentRowIndicator

References :

Original version of Datagrid is download here :

Realease of Oct 27, 2008
First Post here :

To use this application, click on "Load" button

Structure of Zip File

• License.txt : Associated license of WPFToolKit
• Application : This application
• Test.WpfToolKit : UserControl to Test Datagrid
• WPFToolKit : Datagrid with changes to include Footer
• WPFToolKit_2008_10_27 : Original Source of DataGrid

TODO list :

• Semantic of HeaderVisibility (include FooterVisibility : not perfect ! ;-)
• Improve the component ! I did not test Style of Footer, template, UIAutomation, etc ...
• Move some code in DatagridColumnHeaderFooterBase and PresenterBase