samedi 1 novembre 2008

New version of Datagrid with Footer

During the PDC 2008, microsoft updates WPF ToolKit with a new version of Datagrid

I just refresh my Footer's version today !

It seems work fine, the zip file is dowloaded here ...

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PS : Vincent Sibal give another experimental prototype with Frozen top Row :

Original source of Datagrid is not modified in this approach ! great !! I don't know if It is possible to do the same thing for Footer column .... not sure ....



This Datagrid control is experimental. I just try to know If I could add a Footer quickly. It seems is possible but I think a lot of bug exists in this prototype. It was a way for me to look inside the Datagrid and learn new concept and Design pattern for me. I advice to you to launch a Diff Process between original source of WPFToolKit and new version to understand all modification. Best Regards :-) Thibaud Bouquely, France, November 2008.

History :

• 2008/11/2 : new version on v1.0 of WPFToolKit (2008/10/27) without
I must as some ancestor class for DataGridColumnHeader-Footer and Presenter : I am sure lot of code Header/Footer (presenter or not) should be move in these ancestors, I just do the strict necessary for the prototype.
The previous version contained CurrentRow indicator In DataGrid control, With new property Datagrid.RowHeaderTemplate, I realize this indicator with special Template in my UserControl ! It is not necessary to change Datagrid Code source to do this ! Great :-)
• 2008/09/28 : First version on beta WPFToolKit (2008/08/10) with CurrentRowIndicator

References :

Original version of Datagrid is download here :

Realease of Oct 27, 2008
First Post here :

To use this application, click on "Load" button

Structure of Zip File

• License.txt : Associated license of WPFToolKit
• Application : This application
• Test.WpfToolKit : UserControl to Test Datagrid
• WPFToolKit : Datagrid with changes to include Footer
• WPFToolKit_2008_10_27 : Original Source of DataGrid

TODO list :

• Semantic of HeaderVisibility (include FooterVisibility : not perfect ! ;-)
• Improve the component ! I did not test Style of Footer, template, UIAutomation, etc ...
• Move some code in DatagridColumnHeaderFooterBase and PresenterBase

jeudi 16 octobre 2008

WPFToolkit DataGrid with Footer and Current row indicator

News !!

WPF is great technology and the future of the Windows IHM. But to construct a business application, some advanded controls not exists in .Net 3.50 official framework

Datagrid is one of them.

But recently, Microsoft published on Codeplex web Site a preview of interrested Datagrid (WPFToolKit) (and I hope it is the next official datagrid)

To try understand more the inside source code, I realized a small prototype to add in current version a Footer row and Current Row Indicator.

My original post in CodePlex web Site is here.

If you want to read this prototype and play with it, you can find the source zip file here.

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